Brian Zaik

Selected Works:

Innovation Studio

Innovation Studio is a comprehensive platform for designing, implementing, and configuring applications on a revitalized BMC Remedy platform. It introduces a drag and drop app builder interface and seeks to enable both non-technical business analysts and technical developers to perform key activities in the end-to-end application development process.

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Smart IT 1.1

Smart IT 1.1 is the first major release of the BMC Remedy with Smart IT following the hugely successful 1.0 release. Version 1.1 found me as UX Lead for the product design. My team adapted the Smart IT experience for iPhone and Android phones, piloted the use of InVision, moved away from big UX specifications documents, and introduced two new sets of user personas.

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Smart IT 1.0

Smart IT seeks to transform the IT Service Management (ITSM) industry by introducing a brand new, beautiful, elegant user experience for users on personal computers, smartphones, and tablets. The design journey was intense but extremely rewarding, and the product has changed BMC forever.

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Lotus is an iPad app that lets people draw together in real time, as if they are all drawing together on the same whiteboard.

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Concerto 2

Concerto is an open source digital signage platform for sharing multimedia advertisements within communities. Several years after the launch of the first version of Concerto, it was time to think of the next stage for the project. Version 2 includes a brand new plugin platform, a much bigger focus on content, and a completely redesigned and greatly improved user experience.

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Flagship Tasks

Flagship Tasks is a simple, opinionated tasks manager that takes the pain out of tracking your projects.

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